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Bespoke advanced skincare treatments 

Sumptuous bespoke facials focused on ultimate relaxation and using custom blended ingredients to target your needs and specific skin concerns.  Lie back and chillout so you can enjoy ultimate relaxation and a glowing skin.

Using the Dermaviduals corneotherapeutic and dermatological skin care range, designed to maintain the natural skin barrier, it is unique in that it is customisable for each individual; has a unique delivery system and is skin identical (mimics the skin). 

Embracing your key desire for skin correction, chic ageing or total relaxation, a Chillout facial treatment used alongside Dermaviduals will allow you to just chillout and bring the glow back.

Chillout Bespoke Facial

This decadent facial experience using the Dermaviduals skincare range allows me to mix products specifically selected for your skin. These facials can include a range of steps such as cleansing, gentle exfoliation, soft steaming, face, neck and shoulder massage, tonics, masks, serums and moisturisers.

45 mins $95 | 60 mins $145 | 90 mins $175

Skin Consultation for skin correction - virtual consultations available

The journey to a glowing skin or for specific skin correction begins with a thorough consultation.  Dermaviduals provides specialist management and prevention of a range of skin conditions such as:- psoriasis - acne - rosacea - dermatitis - sensitive skin - premature ageing - sunburn - scars - dark circles under eyes - pigmentation - uneven skin tone - anti-ageing.  Let us start your journey to a glowing skin with a relaxing consultation with a soothing beverage and understand your story so that we best work towards your desired goals.

45 mins $80 (redeemable on product purchase on the day)

Lunchtime lift

A truly relaxing facial using Gua Sha as a massage tool to gently enhance skin health and brighten the complexion.  Amongst other benefits it can help reduce wrinkles, dark eye circles and puffy eyes and provide a mild lift.  See it as a pre-party option.


Add-ons or Stand alone

Chillout anti-ageing LED light therapy

Add this treatment onto your facial to further improve results for a glowing skin or enjoy as a stand-alone treatment. #chicageing

NASA were the pioneers of this technology using it to accelerate wound healing.  Using the anti-ageing red light emitting diode, this increases hydration and promotes collagen and elastin production and healing of the skin.  This treatment produces no down time and is relaxing and gentle.  For best results, LED is recommended 2-3 times per week for 4-6 weeks.

30 mins $60 | 4 sessions $200 | 8 sessions $400 | 12 sessions $600

March Promotion


The Rare Earth Facial has been designed to take you on an indulgent treatment journey towards the centre of the earth. Utilising our Dermaviduals pure, kaolin aqueous gel mask consisting of hydrating minerals to support all skin types and conditions, the Rare Earth Facial treatment is sure to bring skins back to balance. Those presenting with diffused redness, lipid-dry, acneic or mature skin will benefit from this clarifying and invigorating facial treatment. Our unique formulation of kaolin clay dispersed in an aqueous solution will support the lipid membrane integrity of the stratum corneum and stabilise trans-epidermal water loss.

So in essence this beautiful facial has been designed to invigorate your skin, energise and revitalise, reduce redness and underlying inflammation, all while aiding in nourishing and supporting the skin’s natural barrier.

Along with the bonus of LED light therapy in March, you will enjoy hand exfoliation and hand and arm massage.

100 minutes - $175



Body treatments and massage

Massages aimed for total relaxation using primarily Swedish Massage techniques.  The Chillout Signature 60 minute massage is a total body massage.  The 45 and 30 minute massages can be focused on key areas of concern such as neck, shoulders and back or for general relaxation.

Chillout Signature Massage

30 mins $60 | 45 mins $80 | 60 mins $99 

Chillout Pregnancy Massage...now available 

60 mins $99


Chillout Signature Combo

A divine combination of a back, neck and shoulder massage (full body for longer treatments) followed by a luxurious bespoke facial treatment including steaming and masks and massage of the face and decollete.

75 mins $175 | 90 mins $200 | 105 mins $225

CHILLOUT TIME - virtual options available


For those seeking a little more chillout time, these can be added to a specific treatment or requested as a specific independent offering.  The coaching or specific relaxation/visualisation or hypnosis techniques can focus on a range of areas you wish to improve in your personal or professional life.  Please let me know, wherever possible,  what you would like to focus on in advance.  

Bespoke relaxation/guided visualisation or hypnosis technique

Enquire for more information

Bespoke coaching on work/career/relationship/business/mindset/other

Enquire for more information

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Eye treatments are aimed to enhance your natural beauty and frame your face.

Eyebrow shape   


Eyebrow tint


Eyelash tint


Tint package – Brow shape/tint and lash tint




Waxing is used to remove hair using either hot or strip wax, according to the region.

Lip or chin


Bikini or underarm

Extended bikini 

Brazilian maintenance
- within 5 weeks 
- first time OR 5 weeks+
Half arm

Half leg or full arm

Three quarter leg

Full leg


We love helping busy people; those who want glowing skin and those who need inspiration to make positive changes in their lives

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