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Some of the best spa experiences I've had have allowed me to totally zone out, trust and be taken away to a deep relaxation state by skilled therapists and the pleasure of the surrounding environment.  In this zone of ultimate relaxation, space is created for inspiring thoughts and ideas and the mind and body restores and re balances itself.

In our busy world and various "boxes" that we work, live and play in, it's important to push the pause button, create the space so that our skin, bodies and minds can reap the benefits.  Sprinkle into that, the vista of nature and all the senses being pleasantly reminded of what it is we need to really relax.

Chillout Spa is a zone to relax, a space for inspiring thoughts and ideas to arise and the mind and body to restore and re balance.  At the same time, it is a space aimed to regain a  glowing skin, provide skin corrections, enhancing eye treatments, relaxing body treatments and embrace the idea of Chic ageing.


Denise began her career in health before coaching and training groups and individuals in relationships, women's health subjects, pain and stress management.  Further business studies led her into the corporate work where she assisted businesses with HR and marketing before a long career in recruitment. While on this path she studied massage in Bali with the Bali International Spa Academy and further studied skin and beauty, graduating with a Diploma in Beauty therapy from the Elite College of Beauty and Spa. Following her studies she worked in an East Auckland salon before beginning her own business Chillout Spa.  

Using her solid health background, knowledge of stress and her massage, beauty and skin care experience led her to develop a space where relaxation, inspiration and focused results on skincare are her focus and priority.  Many diverse experiences enable her to share her knowledge and experience with her clients, enabling them to achieve not just skincare and beauty results, but also an extra dose of inspiration to take away.

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