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Gift Vouchers


Dermaviduals is a bespoke, premium skin care range from Germany which is customisable (with over 35 active serums) to your unique skin.  These products also have a delivery system allowing product to penetrate deep into the skin plus they mimic the skin and are free from fragrances, preservatives, emulsifiers, colours, mineral oils, silicones and amines.

Being a prescriptive range, Dermaviduals is not sold online, so please feel free to contact me for assistance.

Cleanse and Tone

CleansersCorrective Tonics
Cleansing Milk Face Tonic 
Cleansing GelSuusmoon Lotion N 
Total Cleansing Cream Suusmoon Lotion M 
Suusmoon Lotion P 


Base CreamsBase Creams with Concentrates Specialty
Classic 50 ml Classic  44 ml  Plutioderm Plus 
High Classic 50 ml High Classic 44 ml Novrithen 
High Classic Plus 50 ml High Classic Plus 44 ml Oleogel Plus 
Oleogel N or R 
Oleogel K 

Masks, Massages and Peeling

Mask with Vitamins 
Vitamins Cream Mask 
Peeling Cream 

Eye Care

Eye Gel Plus 
Eye Cream 

Body & Sun care

Sun CareHand and Body lotion
Sun protection SPF 15 Body Lotion 
Sun protection SPF 30 Hand Cream 

Gift Packs & Kits

Starter KitsEssentials Kits
Starter Pack - Classic Essentials Dry 
Starter Pack High ClassicEssentials Sensitive 
Starter Pack High Classic Plus Essentials Oily 


With 38 serums, please contact me for assistance.

one by one by Bentley & Hart

I am currently stocking the following the following 140 gm candles.

Spiced Verbum

The luxurious fusion of oriental spices, anise and cloves, tantalise your senses while the base notes of amber, patchouli and vanilla soften the musky wood tones which linger long after burning. Although this could be considered a more masculine scent, the smoky, sensual and voluptuous notes of this fragrance appeal to many.

Oriental Orchid

A divine romantic fusion of oriental florals, sandalwood and amber resulting in an enticing exotic ambience.

Linen Blossom

A light floral with hints of citrus, green apple and musk.  The perfect candle to add to your shower or bath routine, this scent leaves you feeling fresh and energised. A brilliant scent to start your day off on a positive note.

Green Tea and Bergamot

An invigorating, herbaceous blend of fresh citrus fruits and green tea, with base notes of sandalwood, this candle creates an uplifting atmosphere.

Cashmeran and Rose

This romantic blend of florals - tuberose, orange blossom and jasmine - blends seamlessly with the  vibrant, eloquent accents of vanilla and patchouli to create a warm and relaxed feel, ideal for a romantic evening in.

Gift Vouchers

These can be made up especially for your loved ones either for a specific treatment or to a dollar amount.  Let me know in advance and I will prepare for you so you can easily and quickly collect.

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