Chillout Detox Facial - 90 minutes 

This is your opportunity to embark on an hour and a half of pure facial indulgence with this rejuvenating Chillout Detox Facial. This tailored experience can restore your skin, promote detoxification and combat the effects of oxidative stress.

Post summer, it's an opportune moment to detoxify your skin, guarding against potential harm and addressing existing damage caused by increased sun exposure, pollution, and indulgence in less-than-ideal dietary habits. This treatment is crafted to confront oxidative stress which is a primary contributor to premature aging.

I start with a customised double cleanse, adding in natural oils such as Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, as these support the skin barrier function, help repair an impaired acid mantle, and serve as a potent antioxidants. Avocado Oil,  is a 'rescue oil,' and penetrates deeply to rejuvenate sun-damaged, dehydrated, and environmentally stressed skin.

Following the cleanse, I will use the Enzyme Treatment Mask which has natural enzymes from papaya and pineapple for a gentle exfoliation. These proteins clarify and even out skin tone without compromising the skin barrier, leaving your skin smoother and preparing it for the application of a Terra Sana Mask. Meanwhile, I'll provide a therapeutic exfoliation to your lips using Rose Hip Seed Oil.

The Terra Sana Mask, a natural clay mask infused with silicates, draws out impurities through osmotic exchange, effectively detoxifying your skin. Enhanced with Green Tea Extract, this mask combats environmental damage, repairs DNA, protects against UV radiation, and promotes collagen preservation.

Concluding the Detox Facial Treatment is a bespoke mask, with targeted actives addressing your individual skin concerns and goals, followed by tonics, eyecare, serums and sun care as required.

$220 now available for a limited time

Chillout Detox Back Facial ("Bacial" or facial for the back) - 45 minutes

If you still want your back on show post summer and you want it to look its best following all the sun, this is your opportunity to indulge in a comprehensive treatment featuring cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, extractions, a personalised mask, and a relaxing massage.  Just as facial care is essential, your back deserves attention too! By prioritising your skin's well-being, you'll ensure it remains soft, hydrated, clear, and firmer, allowing you to feel more confident.

These are the steps I follow.

  • Cleanse - Commencing the treatment, we initiate with a deep cleansing to prepare your skin. This luxurious lather is generously applied across the entire back surface.  This is followed by a hot compress.

  • Steaming - Next, steam is employed to open up pores, facilitating the clearing of the skin for subsequent stages.

  • Exfoliation -  A pivotal step in the back facial, exfoliation takes centre stage. It effectively eliminates dead skin, cleans freshly opened pores, and renews the skin's surface, leaving it incredibly soft.

  • Extractions - Once your skin is fully exfoliated and free of dead skin, if applicable, the extractions phase follows. This step empties blocked pores and removes keratin build-up, fostering skin healing. These elements can help achieve a radiant glow on your back.

  • Customised mask - Tailoring the experience to your unique skin needs, each back facial includes a personalised mask. The ingredients are meticulously chosen to address specific concerns, such as hydration, calming, or acne. 

  • Massage - A back massage forms part of the back facial, and its placement in the treatment will depend on your specific skin concerns.

Much like a regular facial, every element of the back facial is designed to enhance the appearance and feel of your back, leaving you with a revitalised and radiant skin in addition to deep feelings of relaxation.

$95 for a limited time.

I look forward to welcoming you and helping you to chill out.